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Active Aging

Fall programs are open for registration! 

Daily Fitness Classes (formerly drop-in fitness)

  • Must pre-register- no drop-ins permitted!
  • Registration opens one week prior to class start.
  • Registration up to 15 minutes prior to class start.
  • Register online, by phone or in-person.
  • Please Note: Starting September 13, proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes and weight room.

Check-out the Weekly Fitness Class Schedule

Registered Fitness Programs

The City of Langley Recreation, Culture & Community Services Department is pleased to offer a wide range of registered programs for the Active Aging population.  All fitness programs are led by BCRPA certified fitness instructors with specialization in 3rd Age and Osteofit.  These programs are not offered as drop-in programs, registration is required!  For a full list of programs visit our online registration.

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes.


All programs must be registered for in advance - no drop-ins permitted.

Register by phone:  604-514-2940
Register in person:  Timms Community Centre- 20399 Douglas Crescent
Register online:  Langley City Recconect

Payment must be made in full at the time of registration.


  • Full refund will be granted prior to the program start.
  • Pro-rated refunds will be granted after the program start date up and before the start of the third class.
  • No refunds granted after the commencement of the 3rd class.
Get Up & Go

This program was created in collaboration with Fraser Health Falls Prevention Initiative, Fraser Health Specialized Geriatric Clinics and Osteofit BC.  Designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and functional ability through gentle exercises all done in a chair.  Get Up & Go is suitable for those with mobility impairments and or physical limitations as many of the exercises are done sitting in a chair or using a chair for balance.  Pre-registration is required.
Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes.


Get Up & Go Level 1- beginners
Entry level exercise program for those with balance and mobility impairments.  This program is taught using chairs for balance and uses various exercises and equipment to improve strength, balance and coordination. Suitable for those using a mobility aid such as a walker, cane, wheelchair or scooter but must be able to transfer to a chair independently.      

Tue/Thu     11:00am - 12:00pm   Timms Community Centre:  MPR 3       Instructor:  Susan

#23481     Nov 02 - Dec 16     13/91 +gst      Register online


Get Up & Go Level  2
This program builds on the Level 1 fundamentals with increased focus on mobility and increased independence.
*must have instructor permission to register.  

#23483     Nov 02 - Dec 16     13/91 +gst      Register online





Choose To Move

Are you 65+ years and looking for motivation to become physically active?  Join Choose to Move!  This free program focused on introducing the habit of physical activity into your daily life in ways that make sense for you.  Choose to Move is  free and flexible, and provides you with the motivation and support to become more active.  In this 3 month program you receive both individual and group support.  Individually you will work with a trained activity coach to develop and stick to a physical activity plan made just for you. You and your trainer work on a schedule that works for you!

Over the course of the three months you will also meet 8 times in a group setting with others in the program.  These motivational meetings are for support and sharing of ideas only - the activities you choose to do in this program are personal and tailored to you and your schedule. You choose the activities that you know you will enjoy and are able to do!  You will also join a group of other Choose to Movers to share successes and challenges.

With the help of your activity coach and support group, you will find the motivation and accountability you need to achieve your goals

Pre-registration is mandatory for all programs, reserve your spot now as space is limited.

Choose To Move Information Session (65+yrs)

Find out more about this great program and whether or not it is right for you.  Participation in the Information session is not mandatory but is highly recommended.

Winter 2022 Session TBA


Choose To Move Program (65+yrs)

3 month program with one on one training and support from a certified activity coach.  Program includes 8 in-person group meetings where participants can gather more information and share support with others taking part in the program. 

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes.

Group sessions will be held:   Saturdays    11:30am- 1:00pm   Timms Community Centre: MPR 2

Meeting 1:  Sept.18                         Meeting 5:  Oct.23
Meeting 2:  Oct.2                             Meeting 6:  Nov.06
Meeting 3:  Oct.9                             Meeting 7:  Nov.20
Meeting 4:  Oct.16                           Meeting 8:  Dec.04

Individual meetings/coaching will be scheduled according to your individual needs and availability throughout the 3 month period.

Winter 2022 Session TBA



Fit For Life

This program is designed for those who have completed the Osteofit training program or are actively mobile and regular exercisers.  Fit For Life is a low- impact program that includes a warm-up followed by a variety of strength and balance exercises using equipment and body weight.  This program does include mat work so participants must be comfortable getting to and from the floor.

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays     10:00am - 11:00am       Instructor:  Bonny       Location:  Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room
#23070          Nov 09 - Nov 16    12/$66 +gst         Register online


This program is a partnership between the Alzheimer Society of British Columbia and the City of Langley.  Minds in Motion is a fitness and social/activity program for people with early symptoms of Alzheimer's disease or another dementia to enjoy with a friend or family member. At Minds in Motion you will:

-stay active

-meet and socialize with others living with dementia

-get involved in activities such as board or word games, bingo, ping pong or other games

-have access to information about dementia and services as needed

 This 2 hour program will include:

- 45 minute low impact fitness class

- 1 hour social/ activity time with light refreshments

Please note:  It is manditory that a caregiver attends this program with the registrant. 
In-person/ phone registrations only- 604-514-2940


Suspended until Winter 2022

Activage- Functional Movement

Are you 65 years or older?  Wanting to get more physically active?  Activage may be for you!  This fun and social program will get you moving in a relaxed and inviting class environment with like-minded people.  It is free, it is fun and it works!  Classes include discussions and handouts to help improve your over-all health and physical well-being along with a fun exercise session.  This program is intended for Older Adults who are not physically active.  No previous exercise experience needed.

Activage     Saturdays 10:00am - 11:00am      Timms Community Centre - MPR 3

Winter 2022 Session TBA

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes.



Gentle Yoga follows the Hatha Yoga principles focusing on a healthy mind-body connection but goes through the various body positions at a slower pace with gentle movements and mindfulness.  This class emphasizes safety and is open to all levels- especially beginners.  Classes will consist of breathing techniques, strengthening standing poses, floor work, stretching and relaxation. 

Mondays  3:30pm - 4:30pm      Instructor:  Bonny     Location:  Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room

#23075     Nov 01 - Nov 22     4/ $28 +gst          Register online
#23076     Nov 29 - Dec 20     4/ $28 +gst          Register online

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes



This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting on a chair or standing and using a chair for support.  Chair yoga is a great form of exercise for everyone as it deepens flexibility and strengthens body awareness no matter what your age or ability level.  This is an all-level class appropriate for those who have never taken yoga before as well as experienced practitioners.   

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes

Mondays  2:00pm - 3:00pm     Instructor:  Bonny        Location:  Timms Community Centre - Fitness Room

#23072        Nov.01 - Nov 22    4/ $28 +gst        Register online
#23073        Nov 29 - Dec 20    4/ $28 +gst        Register online






This slow paced full body workout combines lengthening and strengthening exercises while engaging all muscle groups.  Essentrics is a low impact workout using your own body weight and a mat.  Release emotional stress, aches & pains while gradually unlocking your entire body.  Improve posture, flexibility and strength!  Suitable for all fitness levels- beginners welcome.  Participants must be comfortable getting to and from the mat.

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes

Thursdays     8:45am - 9:45am     Timms Community Centre: Fitness Room        Instructor:  Carol

#23860     Nov 18 - Dec 16     5/$45 +gst          Register online




TAI CHI (Yang Style)

This introductory Tai-Chi class is brought to you by the Fraser Valley Tai Chi Arts.  Instructor Travis Crombie is a 7th generation teacher of Yang-Style Tai Chi with over 30 years experience.  Tai-Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise which emphasizes slow, graceful, flowing movements to help cultivate a relaxed body and mind connection.  Tai-Chi combines the calm of meditation and the subtle skills of internal martial arts to help repair and heal joint, ligament and tendon problems, correct body alignment, improve balance and flexibility and increase strength and muscular endurance.  Beginners welcome- no previous experience needed!

Please Note:  Proof of 1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine must be shown prior to admission to classes

Wednesdays    7:00 - 8:00pm     Timms Community Centre - MPR 3    

Winter 2022 Session TBA



Social Programs

The City of Langley Recreation, Culture & Community Services Department hosts a variety of social programs for Seniors looking to learn something new, meet new people or just get out of the house!  All programs require a valid Games & Track Pass ($10/year). 

Please phone for more information:  604-514-2940

Social Bridge Club

The Timms Social Bridge Club wants you!  Join this fun-loving group for an afternoon of slightly competitive bridge!  Snacks, how beverages and great conversation is all part of the fun.  This club is for those with knowledge and understanding of how to play Bridge... previous experience is required. 

Free with valid Games and Track Annual Pass ($10/year). 

Social Bridge

Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays     1:00pm-4:00pm    Timms Community Centre

Please Note:  proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for participation.

Texas Hold'em

Learn To Play

Learning how to play Texa Hold'em may seem more complex than it really is!  Learn the rules, strategies and basic game play in a social, stress-free small grop environment.  Everything is supplied, just show up ready to learn and have fun!
Free with valid Games & Track Pass $10/year

Tuesdays  1:00pm - 4:00pm    Timms Community Centre  MPR 1

Please Note:  proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for participation.


Tournament Play

For those with a good understanding of the rules, strategies and game play... join us for a social afternoon of slightly competitive but still enjoyable Texas Hold'em.

Participants must have some game-play experience.  
Free with valid Games & Track Pass $10/year

Thursdays  1:00 - 4:00pm    Timms Community Centre   MPR 1

Please Note:  proof of COVID-19 vaccination required for participation.

Langley Seniors Community Action Table

The City of Langley is pleased to be a partner with the Langley Seniors Community Action Table (LSCAT) to strategize and implement initiative for Seniors in our community.  The Langley Seniors Community Action Table is looking for new members to join this action orientated committee.  Committee members will work together to identify and strategize action plans for a variety of issues affecting Seniors in our community.  

Housing, transportation and social/ recreational programs are just a few of the focus topics for this committee.  Interested in learning more?  Join us at the next LSCAT meeting:



Next Meeting:  Suspended until further notice
Location:  Langley Seniors Resource Centre