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Youth Activities and Programs

Spring Registration Now Open!

Register for programs:
In person at Timms Community Center
By phone: 604-514-2940

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Babysitter Training (11-16yrs)

Developed by the Canadian Safety Council, this course will cover the most up-to-date information concerning childcare and safety.  Upon successful completion of this program, participants will learn how to manage difficult behaviours while creating a fun and safe environment for the children in their care. Over the course of this 5 week program, participants will learn:

  • basic first-aid and emergency procedures
  • safety precautions
  • nutrition
  • babysitter roles & responsibilities
  • fun games and activities

Fall Session TBA


BeaYOUtiful confidence program 

In partnership with the BeaYOUtiful foundation,this FREE 6 week program welcomes girls 11-14yrs for an interactive confidence and self-esteem building workshop. Participants will work with empowering female leaders and mentors as they explore various topics including: gratitude, self-love, positive body image, media literacy, goal-setting and more. All topics will be presented in a fun and interactive way- we promise this is a girls group you will want to be a part of!  

#32193          Saturdays         Timms Community Centre
May 13 - June 17          10:30pm - 12:00pm         Free           FULL


Young Moviemakers (11-16yrs)

In partnership with the Young Movie Makers, students will learn the importance of visual storytelling, script writing, acting, editing and more through the creation and production of short film.  This program will teach:  proper writing techniques, screen play formatting, camera angles, composition, lighting, equipment set-up, editing, sound design and visual effects.  

#32192          Saturdays         Timms Community Centre
May 13 - June 17         12:00pm - 2:00pm          6 / $300.00           Register online


Timms Kitchen (11-17yrs)

Welcome to Timms Kitchen where you will learn how to make some delicious new recipes while learning basic kitchen safety, cooking terms and techniques.  Recipes will vary from basic pasta to enchiladas and easy ramen- things you can make at home!

#30962       Tuesdays         May 2 - June 6          4:30pm - 6:00pm          6 / $120.00             FULL


Youth Hip Hop 

Keep fit, improve your flexibility while having fun and making new friends at the same time! Class will work together building routines and practicing basic moves to popular pop music songs. No experience necessary- beginners welcome!

#30968          Saturdays          Timms Community Centre
May 6 - June 10          2:00pm - 3:00pm          6 / $58.00          Register online

Please complete Medical Form and return to Timms Community Centre prior to class start.
Email Form:
Drop-off:  Timms Community Centre - 20399 Douglas Cr.



Girls Volleyball

Our volleyball programs will break down the volleyball concepts including bumping, setting, serving, blocking and spiking through fun drills and skill-building activities. Youth will learn how to work as a team and develop game play strategies in a fun, social environment. Lots of game play opportunity!

Learn to Train (Ages 11-13) 

#30963          Fridays          Timms Community Centre
May 12 - June 16          6:00pm - 7:00pm          6 / $42.00          FULL

Please complete Medical Form and return to Timms Community Centre prior to class start.
Email Form:
Drop-off:  Timms Community Centre - 20399 Douglas Cr.