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Langley City: Nexus of Community

Langley City Mayor and Council voted unanimously on July 23, 2018, to adopt a new vision strategy, Langley City: Nexus of Community, to guide growth and development over the next 25+ years.

This bold new vision recognizes Langley City’s unique opportunity to capitalize on the fixed rail rapid transit line that will arrive in the next eight to ten years. The train will be the catalyst for the vision, but the reason is people—those who are already here and those yet to come, who will bring new vitality to the city. The vision builds on the City’s existing community strengths of compact design, natural beauty and job-creating industries and aims to evolve in a bold and sustainable way.

The vision focuses on four cornerstones, Community, Connected, Experiences and Integration and within each cornerstone are supporting plans, policies and actions. 

As we move forward, to truly realize our vision, we will remain committed to our three fundamental principles:

  • Community and stakeholder engagement – Langley City staff will begin the process of consulting with residents, businesses, stakeholders, and the broader public and enrolling them in refining our ideas and implementing them.
  • Communication – To keep the plan alive, demonstrate our commitment and hold ourselves accountable, implementation will become a regular item on the Council agenda, including an annual report on progress.
  • Risk management and ongoing evaluation – Our ideas are big and bold, and many of them are longer term. We are 100% committed to implementing and also to being flexible in light of data-based analysis and new information.

A companion document, Langley City Vision: Recommendations and Implementation Report, document identifies key recommendations and implementation measures that address the four cornerstones.

Read and download Langley City: Nexus of Community and  Langley City Vision: Recommendations and Implementation Report.

Official Community Plan & Zoning Bylaw Updates
Langley City is growing, and the Nexus of Community vision aspires to shape our community into a more walkable, livable, and sustainable place for all residents! To do this, we created a new Official Community Plan (OCP), which was adopted on November 22, 2021. The City is also now working on a new Zoning Bylaw. These new tools will help guide the way Langley City will look in the future, including the homes we build, the streets we travel on, the parks we play in, and the neighbourhoods we live in.