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Notice of Road Repair - 198 St. & 53 Ave. Development Information & FAQ


Developers are normally required to upgrade utilities (i.e. water, sanitary sewer and/or storm sewer) and reconstruct roads (i.e. curb and gutter, sidewalk, streetlights, and/or road repavement, underground hydro, etc.) as part of a development project. The road fronting for the development project will be resurfaced at the completion of the development project; however, there is an interim period where the road may be temporarily repaired during the construction period. The following FAQs address the road repavement process and requirements from the start to the end of a development project.

Q.   What is required of the developer?

A.   All developers are required to do the following:

  • Provide engineering drawings and capacity analyses related to services leading to their development and upgrade services as needed.
  • Once the design work for road, water, sanitary, storm, BC Hydro connections, etc. are approved, the developers construct the required upgrades on and under the City’s roads and coordinate with BC Hydro to provide underground conduits. Timing of the required work by BC Hydro is set by BC Hydro staff. Temporary patching of the road will be required.
  • Disconnect the sanitary and water services (may require digging City roads) and then replace with upgrades. Temporary patching of the road will be required.
  • Maintain roads and sidewalks accessible and safe during the development project.
  • Restore the roads and sidewalks to latest municipal standards at the completion of the development project.

Q.   What happens when the temporary road patching is bumpy?

A.   It is expected that temporary road patching will be a bit bumpy. However, the road condition should always be safe for all users throughout the construction process. The City requires this from the developers and its own crews. If you feel the road conditions are not being met, please contact the Engineering Services Department at 604-514-2997 from 8:30am to 4:30pm or use the “Request for Service” form. In the event of an after-hours emergency (such as a water main break, flood, or critical service disruption) standby operations personnel can be notified through Surrey Fire Dispatch at 604-543-6722.

Q.   Why is it taking so long to resurface the road on 198 Street?

A.   The land adjacent to 198 Street, from 53 Avenue to 56 Avenue, has undergone significant development in recent years resulting in many road repairs. There are a few projects that remain to be completed before final paving, namely the undergrounding of the BC Hydro lines and upgrading of a portion of sanitary sewer. The sanitary sewer work will be in the proposed 2024 budget for Council consideration, and the timing of the BC Hydro undergrounding will depend on completion of the remaining adjacent developments.

Q.   What happens at the end of the development project?

A.   The City inspects the quality of the works done and requires the contractor to address deficiencies. The City will not approve the developer’s works until deficiencies are addressed. If a contractor fails to address the deficiencies, the City may complete the work at the developer’s expense. The entire process may take several months to complete, although serious safety concerns must be addressed immediately.

 Q.   What happens when pavement is not restored to a reasonable level? Can the road become rough to drive on and, in some cases, unsafe?

A.   Pavement restoration must meet a minimum standard and the work redone if required. The City requires all work within roadways to be inspected to meet the City’s Design Criteria Manual standards. There may be rough sections of the road for short periods of time; however, they should always be repaired to a reasonable level so that road users can travel safely and comfortably for the posted speed limits.

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering, Parks and Environment department at