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Find a summary of information targeted to the industry you're interested in. Click on a sector below to go beyond the data and see how your business or investment idea fits in with what Langley City has to offer.

Automotive Sector

Automotive Sector Profile
Langley City has been a consistent destination for auto-related businesses, whether they be detailing and repair shops taking advantage of the abundance of high-visibility service commercial land, or dealerships looking to position themselves in a regionally-accessible location.

Dining & Hospitality Sectors

Events & Entertainment Sector Profile
With the Cascades Casino Resort and the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre located right downtown, Langley City is a regional destination for events and entertainment.

Restaurant Sector Profile
Coupled with an assortment of large chain restaurants near Willowbrook mall, unique independent restaurants downtown, and easy connectivity by multiple highways and transit lines, Langley City is a draw for visitors from across the region.

Education Sector

Education Sector Profile
In addition to being the home of a Kwantlen Polytechnic University campus and a short distance away from Trinity Western University, Langley City offers a number of other education opportunities. These include the Langley Community Music School as well as public and private continuing education centres. With a central, transit-accessible location and a rapidly-growing population of young families in its surrounding area, Langley City is well-positioned to grow as an education destination.

Industrial Sector

Industrial Sector Profile
With more than 2.5 million ft2 of industrial floor space, Langley City is a major hub for industry. Our industrial residents include plastics and paper product manufacturing, metal fabrication, clothing manufacturing, warehousing, and more. Collectively, industrial businesses account for about 20% of employment in Langley City.

Industrial land is concentrated in two main areas, centred on Production Way and Duncan Way, with both having quick access to regional arterial roads and the continental railway system. The City of Langley is focusing on intensifying the use of these lands, specifically through the attraction of more light industrial tenants and office-intensive developments.

Innovation & Entrepreneurs Sector

Innovation & Entrepreneurs Sector Profile
At a time of rapid technological and societal change, research and development continues to grow in importance both within the economy and society overall. With low business costs, a large supply of affordable residential, commercial, and industrial land, easy access to global supplies and a planned SkyTrain extension coming within a decade, Langley City is an attractive destination in a variety of industries.

Residential Sector

Residential Sector Profile
With Vancouver seeing the highest housing prices in Canada, demand has consistently grown for homes in more affordable parts of the region, including Langley City. While the surrounding area has seep rapid growth with greenfield development, Langley City provides a unique and lucrative opportunity to satisfy demand for urban medium and high-density housing. Designated as one of only seven Regional City Centres within Metro Vancouver poised to accommodate significant regional growth, Langley City is prime for significant townhouse and apartment redevelopment. With a SkyTrain extension planned to connect Downtown Langley City to Surrey and Vancouver, demand for nearby housing will only grow.

Retail Sector

Retail Sector Profile
With 4.5 million ft2 of commercial floor space within its boundaries, Langley City is a major shopping destination in Metro Vancouver, with two distinct retail areas.

The first retail area is downtown Langley City, which is a village-style, pedestrian-friendly urban core with a diverse collection of independent shops, boutiques, and cafes. Under the planning and design vision of the City's award-winning Downtown Master Plan and the market support of the Downtown Langley Business Association, downtown continues to prosper and consistently attracts new retail tenants and new customers. In the future, downtown will also be the terminus of the SkyTrain extension currently planned to Langley City.

The second retail centre is the large commercial area anchored by Willowbrook Mall, which is a major destination shopping centre for Metro Vancouver that anchors a large area of big box plazas that stretch east along the Langley Bypass. This area offers several major regional arterial roads and highways including Highway 10, 200 Street, and Fraser Highway, and enjoys traffic counts in excess of 55,000 vehicles per day from across the region. A SkyTrain station is planned for Willowbrook Mall as part of a future extension, which will further improve access to this area.

Specialty Retail Sector

Bridal Sector Profile
Downtown Langley City is home to several bridal shops, with jewelry and shoe stores also accessible along the Langley Bypass. Langley City also offers a variety of venues for wedding ceremonies and receptions, from large halls to intimate park spaces.

Food & Beverage Sector Profile
Specialty Food & Beverage Sector Profile

British Columbia is one of the top health-conscious provinces in Canada, with many locals looking for natural and creative food offerings beyond what is available at regular grocery stores. Langley City's vibrant pedestrian-friendly downtown and existing collection of successful specialty food retailers provides a great opportunity for more independent shops providing the unique food products that local customers want.