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Fire Rescue Service

Langley City Fire Rescue Service
5785 203rd Street
Langley, BC  V3A 9L9
Phone: 604.514.2880
Fax: 604.530.3853

Protection with Pride

The motto of the Langley City Fire Rescue Service is "Protection with Pride". The firefighters in our community are proud, not only of their firefighting record but also of the amount of community service that they provide for all ages, businesses and organizations within Langley City.

Our First Response Team consists of staff who are on duty twenty-four hours per day. The First Response Team is backed up by a complement of paid-on-call firefighters and provides service to any fire or medical emergency anywhere within Langley City's boundaries.

Prevention with Pride

In addition to our Emergency Response Programs, we have a very aggressive public education and fire prevention program under the direction of our Fire Prevention Officer. The FPO and our on-duty crews are out each and every day inspecting retail, commercial and industrial businesses within Langley City to ensure that when you enter into those premises as a customer or an employee, that you are operating under a fire-safe environment.

Our crews have been trained to tour your home and identify any hazards, discuss placements of carbon monoxide or smoke alarms, and go over the exit plans for your residence in the event of an emergency. Our on-duty crews are available for single-family and multi-family home fire safety inspections. If you live in an apartment block or a townhouse, our crews are available to meet with your apartment manager or your strata council and discuss the fire safety plan for your building and how to tailor an emergency evacuation plan that best suits your premises.

During the past few years throughout the province, there has been an increase in the number of juvenile firesetters. These children are usually under the age of fourteen that have developed a curiosity or fascination with fire and have the potential to cause serious damage. Once a family contacts us and advises us of a potential problem with their child, we can do an assessment with the family under the guidelines of the Provincial Juvenile Fire Setter Program. If we determine that additional counselling is required, a referral to trained professionals can be made.

In addition to prevention and public education, our crews provide training for the staff of local industry, business or extended care facilities in the use of fire extinguishers. This combined classroom and the practical session take the fear out of using a fire extinguisher and in many cases has given individuals the training that they have needed to snuff out a small fire before it becomes a major one.

A simple phone call to our non-emergency number at 604.514.2880 will put you in touch with all of the above services and arrangements can be made for either our people to come to you or for you to come to the fire hall.

By getting out into the community and working with the people and working for the people, allows us to truly provide our Protection with Pride.


In March of 1977, the City of Langley officially created the Langley City Fire Department. Prior to that, the department was known as Langley Fire Department Zone 1 and was one of six fire protection areas that served the City and the Township of Langley. The Zone 1 designation began in the early 1940s.

The Department was re-named the Langley City Fire Rescue Service in 1995 to reflect the change in the types of alarms that they were now responding to. From volunteers answering to a siren in the hose tower, to a professionally trained composite department, the Fire Rescue Service has been able to grow in response to the needs of Langley City.

Code of Ethics

The Langley City Fire Rescue Service shall be committed to a workplace that maximizes each member's contributions to the success of the fire department.

The members of the Langley City Fire Rescue Service are committed to:

  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace that values diversity and is free of discrimination and harassment;
  • Treating each individual with dignity and respect;
  • Communicating openly and honestly at all times;
  • Continuously seeking opportunities to learn and improve;
  • Setting high goals and accepting responsibility;
  • Evaluating performance, and providing positive feedback for improvement;
  • Dealing with conflicts between parties in a post-incident environment;
  • Having such conflicts dealt with by the individuals involved; and,
  • Keeping all business and personal information involving the fire department confidential.

Our Role in Fulfilling This Policy:

Everyone is responsible for embodying the philosophy of the code of ethics in their jobs and relationships. People are encouraged to constructively challenge behaviours that are contrary to the code of ethics. All members are accountable for leading by example and portraying the Fire department in a positive manner.

Training Ground at Fire Hall

Langley City Fire Rescue Service has finished the installation of several training props on the training grounds at the fire hall on 203rd street. 

Paid-on-Call Fire Fighters

Paid-on-call (POC) firefighters are members of our team who play a key role in the delivery of fire services to Langley City.  Not only do our POCs back up our career firefighters at major incidents,  POCs often respond independently to simultaneous calls for service.  POC firefighters respond to fires, rescues, medical aid, hazardous materials, and a host of other calls to aid the public.   Apart from direct support to emergency operations, our POCs contribute countless hours of volunteer time in support of community activities such as Langley Community Days.  Our POC firefighters and POC officers are trained to nationally recognized standards. 

To apply you must:
• Be at least 19 years of age on the date of your application;
• Eligible for employment in Canada;
• Possess a high school diploma or equivalency (i.e., G.E.D.), or a  journeyman certificate; and
• Possess a valid and subsisting Provincial driver's licence, with no more than six (6) demerit points for the past 5 years and no current suspensions or driving prohibitions.  Probationary or graduated driver’s licenses will not be accepted;
• A POC firefighter must reside within 4 km of the Langley City fire hall located at 5785 203 Street in Langley City within 3 months (prior to completion of recruit training) of starting with the department.

Hours of work are varied as this is an on-call position.   Attendance requirements are 25% for alarm page-outs and 80% for Thursday night training. 

Paid on-call firefighters receive WorkSafe coverage, life insurance, uniforms and eligibility for employee wellness passes with the City recreation department. 

Further information including an application manual and application form can be downloaded through the links below:

Paid-on-Call Firefighter Recruitment Application Manual 

Application for Paid-on-Call Firefighter 

Please submit the application form to: 

Langley City Fire Rescue Service
5785 203rd Street 
Langley, BC V3A 9L9 
Fax: 604.530-3853 

Langley City appreciates the interest of all applicants. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.


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Canadian Fire Chiefs Association
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