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Secondary Suites

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Secondary Suites Letter to Residents
Secondary Suites Report
Secondary Suites Brochure
Secondary Suites Building Permit Application Guide


Building Permit Application - Please provide a dimensioned sketch or drawing showing the suite layout.
Statutory Declaration - Written verification that you are an owner/occupier of the single-family dwelling. As your signature must be witnessed, please bring photo ID with you to City Hall.
Electrical Form E-1 - May be required to verify compliance with the BC Electrical Code.
Secondary Suites Removal Form - If you decide not to legalize your secondary suite then you must apply for a suite removal permit. The “Suite Removal Form” details the items that must be removed in order to consider the suite removed.

Financial Assistance:

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) is offering fully forgivable loans to eligible homeowners wishing to upgrade and legalize or create a new, Secondary Suite. Eligibility and application requirements are outlined on the CMHC website,

Land Use Contracts

Land Use Contracts are agreements registered against the title of properties regulating land use and servicing requirements. Land Use Contracts date from the 1970’s when provincial legislation allowed municipalities to regulate land use and development through site-specific agreements with property owners. These agreements remain in effect today unless discharged by way of an application to the City from the property owner. The map below shows the areas and properties affected by Land Use Contracts in the City of Langley. For further information on Land Use Contracts, please contact the Development Services Department.

2007 Land Use Contract Applications Update

The City of Langley received 667 applications from single family homeowners in 2007 (see map below) to discharge Land Use Contracts as part of the secondary suite legalization program. The vast majority (more than 600) of these applications were received between November and December as homeowners sought to take advantage of an incentive program waiving application fees which expired on December 31, 2007. By May 2008 all of those applications had been approved and the Land Use Contracts affecting those properties discharged.

For information regarding the status of your Land Use Contract application, please contact the Development Services Department at 604-514-2800.

Download the 2007 Land Use Contract Applications Map (1MB PDF)