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OCP & Zoning Bylaw Updates

Langley City is growing and the Nexus of Community vision aspires to shape our community into a more walkable, livable, and sustainable place for all residents! To do this, we’re updating the City’s Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw. This will help guide the way Langley City will look in the future, including the homes we build, the streets we travel on, the parks we play in, and the neighbourhoods we live in.

Why Update the OCP & Zoning Bylaw now?

Significant multi-government investment in fixed rail rapid transit will have an impact on the way our community grows and develops. While the Surrey-Langley SkyTrain link may take many years to plan and build, it is important to ensure residents have a say in the way this transportation infrastructure shapes Langley City. In addition, important discussions with residents are needed around:

  • Housing affordability, diversity, and choice
  • Complete and walkable neighbourhoods to support an ageing population
  • Economic development and growing the digital economy
  • Environmental sustainability

What is the Process?

We are following a 4 phase process to create the Nicomekl River Neighbourhood Plan and we anticipate completing the plan by Summer 2020. We are currently in Phase 2!


Phase 1 captured the pre-planning work essential to the project's success by completing an analysis of existing conditions and current strategies. In particular, we examined the ways in which the OCP and Zoning Bylaw updates can properly integrate with the City’s existing ‘Nexus of Community’ vision, Metro Vancouver’s Regional Growth Strategy, and the Nicomekl River District Neighbourhood Plan.

Download the Background Research & Recommendations Report to learn more about Langley City today and what kind of community it could be tomorrow!

Attend the Workshop and Open House

Phase 2 is all about reaching out to the community to hear what they have to say. We’ll introduce key issues and trends from the background research and seek input from a large range of individuals and groups. Engagement activities will include a diverse range of people and voices.

Save the date for these important engagement activities:

To prepare for the design workshop, we've prepared a design brief that provides a snapshot of current trends and important issues we'll be tackling. Participants are encouraged to become acquainted with the materials in this brief, open their minds to the future possibilities of Langley City, and begin thinking about their own aspirations for the city’s future.

Download the Design Brief PDF here! 



Phase 3 is all about diving deeper into the details and drafting a new OCP & Zoning Bylaw. There will be more opportunities to provide input into the process and we’ll make sure both documents reflect the vision and aspirations of the community.

Stay tuned for event information!


Phase 4 is about making the final adjustments to the OCP and Zoning Bylaw so they can be guided through a Bylaw adoption process in accordance with the Local Government Act.

Stay tuned for event information!