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Delegation & Community Spotlight Requests

Delegations Requests and Presentations

Delegations and Community Spotlights on all subject matters within Council's jurisdiction are welcomed at the City of Langley. A delegation or community spotlight is a presentation to Council by a member of the public or an organization for the purpose of highlighting topics of municipal interest or concern.  

Delegation is a term used to define the process whereby an individual appears before Langley City Council to:

  • submit a new request for action
  • bring Council up-to-date on a project, idea, or concept

To appear as a Delegation or Community Spotlight a letter must be written or form completed and sent to the Corporate Officer, requesting to appear as a delegation or community spotlight, and outlining in general terms the subject matter. Click here to download the form. On receipt of the letter or form, the Administration Department will advise you as to the date and time for your delegation to be heard by City Council.

The address of the Corporate Officer is:

Corporate Officer
City of Langley
20399 Douglas Crescent
Langley BC, V3A 4B3
Phone: (604) 514-4591
Fax: (604) 514-2838

Please ensure your request is received by the Corporate Officer by Noon on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled Council Meeting at the very latest as there is a limit of 3 Delegations and 2 Community Spotlights which can be heard at any Regular Council Meeting.

While we will try to accommodate your request as best we can, we cannot guarantee that you will be scheduled for the council meeting of your choice.

Regardless of the number of people in your delegation or the number of topics you wish to cover, the delegation as a whole is permitted 5 minutes to make its submission to Council, and Community Spotlights are permitted 10 minutes. If you have written material that you wish to provide to Council prior to the meeting, please forward it to the Administration Department by noon on the Tuesday prior to your scheduled appearance. Council will then have sufficient time to review your material in advance of the meeting. Please note, that any material that you provide will be made available to the public upon request.