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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Langley City’s mission is to build a vibrant, healthy and safe community where all citizens can enjoy a high quality of life.

An important goal of City Council is to foster strong community ties among residents in the City of Langley. Neighbourhood safety is a team effort and it is evident that when residents work together to improve community safety it results in a reduction in crime. To that end, Council mandated the Crime Prevention Committee to develop strategies that will encourage residents to get involved and take an active role in helping to prevent and reduce crime in our neighbourhoods. 

Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is about people taking preventative measures to protect their homes and neighborhoods. It can be as simple as keeping doors locked or going a little further and starting a Block Watch program. No one is immune to crime, but with teamwork among neighbors and friends and family, we can make a difference in reducing it!

Check out the "Know Your Neighbour" campaign! Volunteers Welcome!

  • Share crime prevention tips to help reduce property crime; 
  • Happy, healthy and safe neighourhoods are ones where neighbours are connected and know each other;
  • Knowing your neighbours increases belonging and pride in the community

Sign up to receive Crime Prevention Tips and Information electronically at:, subject line "Sign Me Up"

Tips & Strategies - Residential

What can you do to help deter and prevent crime? Get thinking on how you can ruin the day of a criminal. Here are a few tips!
What Can Be Done!

The easiest and most important thing you can do is to report all crimes or suspicious activity / individuals.
We Need to Hear From You!
Report Crime
Report Crime Online
Report Non-Emergent Crimes

Increase Your Personal Safety

Mail theft is on the rise. To prevent residential mail theft, keep these tips in mind.
Prevent Mail Theft
Tips for outside mailboxes
Preventing Mail / Package Theft Helps Protect Your Personal Information

Door to Door Scams - When an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is. Tips to know about door to door sales/canvassing.
Door to Door Scam Prevention

Don't be a victim of Phone Fraud! Here are a few useful tips to combat phone fraud.
Phone Fraud

Social Media Crime Prevention

Multi-family housing crime prevention - Tips for strata and property managers using Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles.

Theft from vehicle(s) continues to top the charts; you can make a difference. Please take a moment to review these tips:
Theft from vehicle prevention
Prevent Auto Theft

Protect your vehicle by identifying risks and taking away opportunities for thieves! Prevent Auto Theft!

Tips & Strategies - Business

CPTED - Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a multi-disciplinary approach that uses urban and architectural design strategies to reduce victimization, deter criminal acts, and minimize fear of crime, and build a sense of community.  The Langley RCMP, through its Community Liaison Officer, developed an eight-part video series on CPTED principles to share with Langley City businesses. The following one-page information poster covers the critical topics of CPTED, such as:

Business Related Crime Prevention Programs:

Business Link was established two years ago by the RCMP as a program designed to enhance communications between the police and the business community in order to reduce crime. Langley businesses can request a free security assessment and presentation to assist them in helping to protect their assets and create a safe environment. For more information, call the Business Link Coordinator at 604-532-3212. 

Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program (CFMH) is designed to help owners, managers, residents, police and other agencies work together to keep illegal and nuisance activity off the multi-family property. The RCMP has a long-standing success with this program. For more information, on Crime-Free Multi-Housing call the Coordinator at 604 514-2870.

Importance of Reporting

Discourage Loitering on Your Commercial Property


Broken Window Theory

The broken windows are a metaphor for visible signs of disorder in an environment that goes untended. This may include small crimes, acts of vandalism, disorderly conduct, etc. “One unrepaired broken window is a signal that no one cares, and so breaking more windows costs nothing.” The theory suggests that addressing minor crimes such as vandalism and misbehaviour creates an atmosphere of order and lawfulness. Confronting minor problems influences how people feel about their environment and their sense of safety. When a neighbourhood is well-tended and welcoming, its residents have a greater sense of safety.

Wondering who to call when neighbourhood infrastructure needs attention? Find out Whose Job Is It!

Be a leader in neighbourhood clean-up! Become a Point of Pride volunteer! Individuals or community groups volunteer to keep our neighbourhoods litter-free one street, one park, one trail at a time!
Click to learn more and fill out an application today!

529 Garage - Register. Report. Recover!

Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage, the largest community-powered bike recovery service.

The 529 Garage is an iOS/Android mobile application and website service to easily:
• Register your bike in a database that will work worldwide
• Report your bike in the event of a theft and notify the 529 Community
• Send your registration info to police and insurance in the event of theft or damage
• Search the database to ensure that a bike you are purchasing has not been reported missing
• View the Hot Sheet of other missing bikes in your area, to keep a look out for them
• Print registration cards and missing posters

Find out where you can register your bike for the 529 Garage.

Block Watch

What is Block Watch? Block Watch is a Community-organized RCMP Crime Prevention Program. Neighbours look out for each other. They get to know who belongs and how to report suspicious activity.
Learn how to become a Block Watch neighbourhood!

Learn more about public safety & crime prevention!