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Snow & Ice Control

Snow & Ice Control

Each winter season the City's Engineering and Parks Operations Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 74 km of road to a safe and passable condition. Despite the efforts of a highly motivated snow removal crew, conditions can deteriorate and roads can become treacherous. Motorists are advised to exercise caution at all times. If you see snow clearing equipment, please allow them to do their work and keep back 50 metres. The City has a modern fleet of snow clearing equipment and utilizes sophisticated weather services to assist us in responding quickly and efficiently to snow events. Clearing efforts begin on main routes and move to residential areas only when the main routes are clear. Understandably this lengthens the response time for residential streets and cul-de-sacs and is the prime cause of inquiries on snow control.

Download the Snow Control Priority Map

Download our Sidewalk and Parking Lot Snow Removal Map

The City uses salt, salt/sand mix, or straight sand to ensure the roads are safe for winter driving. Salt is used throughout the core of the City as it is fast acting and effective. When the snow melts the salt is gone, requires very little cleanup and does not fill our storm drainage system with silt and debris. A salt/sand mix is used in steep locations. The rates that salt and salt/sand mix are applied, are based on temperature, forecast and snowfall, as well as past experience

Duties of Property Owners/Occupants

As per Highway and Traffic Regulation Bylaw, 2013, No. 2871 Section 8(4) owners of properties in the City of Langley are required to remove any accumulation of snow or ice from the sidewalks and walkways bordering their property within 24 hours after a snowfall that caused any accumulation of snow or ice sidewalks or walkways, or prior to the depth of snow accumulation exceeding 10cm (approximately 4"). The owner or occupant must also remove snow or ice from the roof or other parts of any such structure adjacent to or abutting the road or sidewalk immediately. If snow or ice constitutes a danger to persons using the highway by being so located as to impose the threat of falling upon the highway.

City crews will be working to keep the streets and sidewalks safe during snow events and we ask that you help us by:

  • Park off the street, parked vehicles impede snowplowing.

  • When shovelling snow, pile it on your property, not on the street or sidewalk.

  • Clear snow and ice away from catch basins to allow water from melting snow to enter the storm sewers.

  • Place your garbage containers in cleared areas, don't perch them on snow piles.

  • When shovelling your driveway, pile the snow on the left side of the driveway (facing your property). This will give you a better line of vision for approaching traffic and when our snowplows go by, it will not drag your snow pile back into your driveway

If roads are hazardous due to snow and ice, the collection of garbage and recycling may be disrupted or cancelled. If this occurs, bulletins will be posted on the City's website. Collection crews will begin collecting waste in missed zones after completing the regularly scheduled zone collection on the next day. It may take several days to complete the collection for missed zones.