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The City is NOT Conducting a Paid Survey


The City of Langley has received several calls and emails from citizens who have received an “Invitation to Participate in Public Opinion Surveys on Langley City” in their mailboxes. The City has not contracted a public opinion and market research firm specializing in industrial, commercial and public affairs analysis to survey on behalf of Langley City, and would not pay participants to complete an online or phone survey at this time.

The City of Langley will always inform residents using our website, monthly newsletter, social media platforms, and public notices in the local newspaper before conducting any survey. All materials issued from the City will have the City’s logo to show the City of Langley endorses it. We encourage all citizens to never share any personal information through the mail, phone, or internet inquiries from unknown sources.

Residents who are unsure are always encouraged to contact the City by email at We will be happy to confirm whether or not we are surveying at any time.

Media Inquiries: 

Samantha Paulson
Communications Officer
City of Langley